Justin Bieber Has Syphilis, Is Dead and Other False Rumors

Justin BieberThis week rumors have run rampant about Justin Bieber -- from reports that he has syphilis and has bribed someone named Chris Johnson to cover it up, to even more shocking ones that he broke his neck or is dead

None has been proven true, thankfully.


But it's sad that people are malicious or bored enough to start such stirrings.

Even if you're a Bieber hater, you don't seem to gain anything from spreading rumors that are pretty easily proven false. Really, you just end up providing him with even more publicity.

And just think how many little girls have shed tears, believing their love is dead. Mean, and really bad karma I'd say.

The rumors get traction when someone tweets a tantalizing tale that starts spreading like viral wildfire (how can you not click to find out if a shocking headline is true?) Then it starts trending on search sites, which makes people search for it even more, and well ... it's a vicious cycle, any way you look at it.

One Bieber rumor that is true is that Bieber and Kim Kardashian have been spending time together again. But hold the death threats, because even that isn't quite what it appears. Though they were photographed holding hands in The Bahamas, it's not because Kim is smitten with the young kitten, but rather for the sake of a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar.  

Are Laurie David and Al Gore the latest victims of the same rumor mill?  Time will tell ...

What do you think of all the Justin Bieber rumors?

Image via Kerosene Photography/Flickr

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