'Grease' Sing-A-Long: How Sandy Are You?

Skip the summer concert series, you can really let loose with wild abandon when the Grease Sing-A-Long comes to a theater near you.

Yep, Sandy and Danny (the originals, not a disappointing remake!) will be back on the big screen this summer with one major addition: The lyrics will appear at the bottom of the screen and the audience is encouraged -- no, required -- to sing and dance along to the hand jive.


I knew this event was happening in LA at the Hollywood Bowl (and we already have our tickets to the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long) but apparently it's a nationwide event that just kicked off at the Seattle Film Festival. From all reports via PopEater, the pink satin and leather-bound crowd in Seattle put their all into "Greased Lightning" and the party didn't stop until that car floated off into space.

Other cities that will finally give you the chance to be Olivia Newton-John include: Austin, New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, and Miami. If your city isn't listed, watch the trailer to find out how you can campaign to bring the Sing-A-Long to you. After all, that poodle skirt in your closet needs some action.

What are you going to wear to the Grease Sing-A-Long?

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