Katy Perry Talks Blasphemy and Lady Gaga

Katy PerryKaty Perry says her tweet blasting blasphemy last week wasn't directly aimed at Lady Gaga's new video for 'Alejandro', which is chock full of shocking religious images.

"Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke," Perry tweeted on the very same day the Alejandro video debuted.

Now, she's calling the two a coincidence?


"What's funny is that everybody was assuming I was directing it completely towards her, and if I was directing something I would write their '@,' "she said in a radio interview Sunday. "Lately, I've just been seeing some things that are kind of like, I don't know, in my own personal feelings, a little bit like not something I would do, I guess."

She goes on to reference Madonna and her boyfriend (Russell Brand), who "will say things that are bit ‘eh' for me, from where I come from."

Perry, who sports cupcake bras that shoot whipped cream from the nipples and famously sings about kissing girls and liking it, at least admits that sometimes she's a "very hypocritical person.

"I think sometimes, most of the time, you can disagree or agree, spirituality and sexuality are two separate things, and then when you decide to put them into the same subject, it gets interesting for some people," she explained.  

It definitely sounds like she's backtracking. And apparently it's OK to use sex to shock and sell records (because that's what she does), but when it comes to religion, it's not OK? Even though for many religions the two go hand-in-hand? And isn't that kind of the point of  Lady Gaga's video, that they shouldn't?

Call me confused ... and unimpressed by Perry's philosophical musings.

What do you think of Katy Perry's explanation for her blasphemy tweet?


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