Michael Jackson's Father Blames Mother for King of Pop's Death

joe jackson blames mother for michael jackson's deathJoe Jackson needs to zip it.

Michael Jackson's father's latest attempt at media attention is working, as he claims Katherine Jackson is to blame for their son's death.

According to an interview on the UK's News of the World, Joe Jackson claims that Katherine needed to mother Michael more, and if she had been there for him, he would not have died of the propofol overdose.


I'm thinking it was more on the attending doctor, Conrad Murray, who may be forced to stop practicing medicine in California today. And of course, the 50-year-old pop star himself who clearly had a substance (or substances) abuse problem.

I'm sure things will only get more heated as the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death approaches.

Let's hope his mother can ignore these crazy allegations and focus on taking care of Jackson's three children, Paris, Prince Michael, and Blanket.


Image via Frank Polich/Getty

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