Jodie Foster Allegedly Attacks Teenager

Jodie Foster
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Jodie Foster
is accused of allegedly assaulting a 17-year-old member of the paparazzi, who she says was scaring her children as they left a theatre in Los Angeles. 

“Jodie Foster attacked my son at the parking lot at The Grove," the boy's father told "Jodie pushed and shoved him leaving scratches and bruises on his arm.”

Foster's representative said the actress only "touched him on the elbow in an attempt to take him aside to talk to him and tell him to stop."


There's a pretty big discrepancy between the two reports. And, now, a survelience video that could have provided more insight into the matter has disappeared according to the site.

“When the incident initially occurred with my son  I contacted The Grove (shopping center) to make sure they had video surveillance in the valet area,” the teen's father said. “They assured me they did.But detectives told me that when they contacted The Grove for the surveillance video it had ‘mysteriously disappeared,’” the father continued.


The paparazzi certainly oversteps its boundaries sometimes. But violence, if there was any, is never the answer.

Foster's sons are 8 and 11. She has been charged as a "misdemeanor battery suspect".

What do you think of Jodie Foster attacking a 17-year-old?


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