World Cup Q&A: App of the Week

world cup Q&A iphone appYou're feeling the 2010 World Cup excitement, admit it. You're eyeing those cleats in the back of your closet and polishing your soccer ball. At the least, you find yourself cheering, "USA! USA!" at the strangest moments.

Even if you're not a former Super Soccer Star, it's a heck of a lot of fun to bone up on this year's World Cup event that the whole world is watching.

What you really need is a primer on the teams, the South African venue and some fun trivia to toss around this weekend.

This World Cup Q&A App gives you hundreds of questions about the 2010 games.

Whether it's stats on the star players, or little known quirks of the game, the World Cup Q&A runs the gamut in a hundred different ways. Master this, and you'll be the most global party invitee, ever. At least while the 2010 World Cup is still kicking about.

Best of all, this App is free!! (Unlike the airfare and tickets to the games.)

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