'So You Think You Can Dance' Top 11 Announced With Lots of Tears

so you think you can dance judges
Photo from Fox.com
This week's So You Think You Can Dance was supposed to be about narrowing it down to five ladies and five gentlemen; but there was a bonus round and now we have a top 11! Woo-hooo! At least until next week.

I was actually grateful for the extra slot. Because I would've had a hard time narrowing it down myself, as what I know about dance technique begins and ends in my 4-year-old's ballet class at the Y.

Still, I'm trying to pick a favorite and Billy Bell is definitely up there, but I'm not 100 percent sold just yet. Thank goodness the season has just begun and all kinds of illnesses, injuries, and bad attitudes can make Season 7 of SYTYCD go any which way.


Even more fun than saying "Awwww ..." at the adorably perky return of Christina? Watching those wacky judges, of course.

Nigel, the requisite British guy with an attitude, was dressed for a brisk walk in the park and, per usual, didn't give too much love to the contestants. But he also was encouraging in his very British way. Adam, the crier, broke down so many times I was starting to question his sincerity. (Although watching him during the Top 20 -- watching Billy and crying -- actually made me choke up as well.)

But all the judges were slayed at Kent, the farm boy from Ohio with a dream. Even if he's not technically at the top, he just became a crowd favorite last night with his emotional, self-deprecating speech that included, yes, more tears!

Who do you think has the best shot at the top spot?

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