Organizing an Event on Facebook -- Do's and Don'ts!

facebookNo doubt you've been invited to several events through Facebook: birthday parties, play-dates, concerts, fundraising events, pirate bar crawls (OK, that was from a friend of mine), etc. But you get the picture: If there's cause for celebration, Facebook is an easy way to put it together.

We'll tell you how to organize an event on Facebook -- as long as you don't abuse the privilege ...


First, the Dos:

Do log in to Facebook and then click "Events" in the navigation bar running down the left-hand side of the screen. Do hit the "Create a New Event Button." Do input all the necessary information for your event including: date, time, location, as well as detailed information and an appropriate photo representing your event. Do select the guests you wish to invite to your event; another option is to make the event "public" wherein everyone sees the invitation and anyone can add themselves to the guest list.

And, now, the Don'ts:

  • Don't include your home address and/or phone number in a public invitation. The reason for this is simple: Everyone can see it.
  • Don't invite the same people to more than one fundraising event in, say, a one-month period. (People in my friends list should take careful note of this point!) Yes, I love your cause; no I cannot fund it single-handedly.
  • Don't over-promote your event: We got it the first time.
  • Don't recklessly send out invitations willy-nilly: It's hard to accept, but not all of your "Friends" want to celebrate your half birthday -- especially if it's in Texas and most of them live in Chicago. Think hard about who realistically will attend your event before blasting us all with an invite.

Do you use Facebook to organize events?

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