Father's Day: An Open Letter to My Dad

father and daughter
My dad and I
Hiiiiiiiiiiii Daddy,

You've always been a man of few words, but whenever you did have something to say, it was usually some weird, random inside joke that we shared (such as the greeting to this letter).

Whoever else reads this won't have a clue what I'm talking about, but it's not for them, it's for you (no offense dear readers, you know I still love you). These jokes never even really made much sense to us, but they always made me laugh.

Here are some of my favorites that still make me chuckle to this day:

  • father and daughterThis chicken tastes like it's been thrown against a car windshield!
  • Trash baby
  • In our best Three Stooges voice, "Why I oughtta ..."
  • Come with me to the Kasbah.
  • I don't like chile, I'm not a chile eater!
  • I wanna go to Miiiami and go shooopping.
  • Circle the corvettes, "X" the bugs.

Hope this list brought back some memories for you and put a smile on your face. Gosh we are two strange, strange people.

I love you more than words could ever say. Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

Your little girl,



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