'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Star, Teresa Giudice: We're Tightening Our Belts

Teresa Giudice declares bankruptcy
Photo from Bravo
Following the news that the Giudice family of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is filing for bankruptcy, Teresa of table-flipping fame is speaking out.

Teresa talked to Rob Shuter at Popeater and explained that in spite of what we see on television, the Giudice family is acting in a frugal manner. Giudice dismisses the criticism by saying those shopping trips were years ago, as were the bubbies, the Atlantic City extravaganza, and I'm guessing the decorating of that crazy house.

Yes, and that's why you're now declaring bankruptcy.


I realize that financial ruin happened to thousands and thousands of people who were caught unaware in the last few years due to bad investments, bad real estate mortgages, banks stealing money away from working families ... but in Teresa's case, she really needs to own up to her behavior.

Dropping that much cash on outfits for kids is just irresponsible. Moving into a huge be-marbled McMansion when you can't afford it is also irresponsible.

But now Teresa says things are on the up and up and the family is living within their means. For example, the Giudice's have dinner together every night, as inspired by her New York Times bestseller, Skinny Italian.

No matter how much reality TV star fame Teresa is coasting on now, you can't sell enough "Happy Wife, Happy Life" t-shirts to pay for even one leopard-print spending spree like we saw on Season 1.

Do you think the Giudices are just like other struggling American families?

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