Chris Brown's New Girlfriend: Is It Too Soon?

Photo by O.M.Gee
After being forced to cancel his concert when the U.K. denied him a visa, at least Chris Brown will have the arms of his new girlfriend, Jasmine Sanders, to comfort him.

Rumors of the singer's new relationship with Sanders, a model from South Carolina, are rampant. He even tweeted a picture of the two of them together.


My first thought was: Wow, she's brave. I can't imagine going into a relationship with someone who so badly beat another woman. I mean, remember how graphic those pictures of Rihanna were, how badly he beat her?

I'm glad Rihanna has moved on and is happy with boyfriend Matt Kemp. But is it too soon for Chris Brown to move on and resume a relationship? I mean the U.K. denied him entry citing "serious public safety concerns".

On one hand, he's paying his dues (not everything I think he's due), but those set forth by the law, and I guess he can't be expected to never move on to another woman. But still, it feels like the wounds are still too fresh for us to feel OK about him flaunting his new love.

Do you think it's too soon for Chris Brown to have a new girlfriend?

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