Gary Coleman's Deathbed Photos Published: How Low Can You Go?

Gary Coleman
Flickr photo by dno1967
How could she? How could they? That's all I can think when I see Gary Coleman's deathbed photo published. In a tabloid.

The Globe reportedly paid $10,000 for a photo of the late actor in his hospital bed covered in bandages, with his eyes closed and tubes in his mouth. Ex-wife Shannon Price is by his side staring directly into the camera.


Price's rep admits that she took the photos but hasn't commented as to whether she sold them or not. Speculation is that Price, who has publicly shared her financial woes, was the source.

If she did sell the photos of Coleman, there are no words for how unconscionable her actions are, just as there are no words to describe the disgust I have for The Globe for trying to earn a buck off such a tragedy.

Even if Price didn't sell the photos, why would she take them in the first place? Thankfully, I haven't been in her situation, but I can't imagine if I was going through the heartache of losing someone I loved that I would remember to pose for a few photos. Would you?

Dion Mial, who is the executor of Coleman's estate, spoke harshly of Price in an email to CNN:

"Knowing Gary, as well as anyone could have, I assure his closest family, friends, and fans that his disdain for this behavior would be unquestionable and paramount to any foregoing profession of 'love' for Shannon that might have ever poured from his lips."

As CNN points out, it's not the first photo of a dead celebrity that's been published. From Michael Jackson to Elvis Presley, we've seen them over the years. But that doesn't make it any less disturbing and any less of a violation of a life once lived.

How do you feel about Gary Coleman's deathbed photo being published?


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