Kanye's Car Crashes Into Hawaii Home

Kanye West
Photo from Splash News
Kanye West was most likely not in his car as it crashed into the side of a house in Hawaii at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning.

But the superstar and infamous interrupter's car did crash, waking up the Honolulu neighborhood that was lucky enough to have intoxicated(?), irresponsible revelers driving around their streets.

Witnesses say there was a loud noise and a tremendous crash, and some report seeing three men fleeing the scene. Police are still investigating the hit and run.


Kanye is in Hawaii recording, and the Porsche that was smashed and left was registered in his name. The police are investigating the car as a stolen vehicle.

I've always wondered if you lived in a tourist destination if you just expected to be awoken by drunken out-of-towners at 4 a.m. Of course, no one expects a car to plow into their house. Even if you live in the middle of Orlando during spring break.


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