Baby Gaga Video: Did It Cross the Line?

Baby Gaga videos are all over the Internets, but did the reenactment of "Telephone" go too far?

The original video has since been set to private (which is why you can't watch it here), so that makes me think the parents are having some Flip cam remorse after having their 4-year-old handcuffed and dressed like an adult star with the goal to shock her audience.

baby gaga video
*This Baby Gaga video is set to private.*


I wouldn't let my 4-year-old put on an outfit like this and reenact Lady Gaga's racy "Telephone" video, but I recently have let her get her nails painted (against my better judgment) and play with lip gloss. I don't like it, but it still feels very "dress-up" to me, rather than a child trying to look like a sexy adult. 

We all have different standards for our children, but does putting them on display as someone as provocative as Lady Gaga go too far?

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