Eminem 'Recovery': Reviews Are Great and the Album Isn't Out Yet!

eminem recovery album
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It's a little early to be talking about Eminem's Recovery given that it's not due out until June 21. But the rapper's new album was leaked to the Internet yesterday -- including the song with Rihanna that everyone's talking about, "Love the Way You Lie" --  and fans are absolutely raving about it.


In their duet, Slim Shady raps his way around Rihanna's beautiful, emotive ballad. You can hear it here. (Warning: It's ridiculously catchy, not to mention radio-friendly. I've admittedly listened to it more than a few times.)

The new album alludes to the rapper's recovery from addiction to prescription pills. In addition to Rihanna, it features other unexpected collaborations including Pink and Lil Wayne. Oh, and, of course, Eminem drops his typical verbal bombs and vicious wordplay, referencing celebs like Elton John, Michael Vick, Aquaman, Michael J. Fox, and Mariah Carey. Can't wait for that.

So far, fans are reacting positively to the leaked material -- saying Recovery is a solid album that's supposedly even better than his previous record, Relapse. The video for his first single, "Not Afraid," has also been climbing the charts with some fans calling it "epic." See for yourself.

I'm a huge Eminem fan, so I'll be buying the album on June 22. How about you?

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