Remember the 'Star Wars' Kid? He Grew Up!

Star Wars Kid Grown Up
Photo from Motherboard.TV
Here's one for the "Where Are They Now" files, Internet-meme edition. In 2002, a kid filmed himself in his high school's TV studio, doing some sweet ninja moves with a golf-ball retriever. Someone found the tape, superimposed a light saber, added some Star Wars music, and uploaded the whole thing to the Internet. Before you could say "privacy violation," the Star Wars Kid was an unwitting Internet hit.

While this led to much hilarity, the kid ended up feeling bullied and humiliated, went into therapy, and sued the kids who uploaded the videos (they got an undisclosed settlement).

And that was that -- till the website Motherboard looked deeper and found the kid all grown up and doing fine.


These days, Ghyslain Raza is a law student at McGill University in Montreal and the president of a conservation society preserving the cultural heritage of his Canadian hometown. He looks none the worse for wear -- and has obviously survived his ordeal and gone on with his life.

Of course, some victims of Internet bullying aren't so lucky -- but it was nice, for me anyway, to hear a little "behind the meme" wrap-up. Now, what the heck happened to that creepy dancing baby?

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