NJ 'Housewife' Teresa Giudice Files for Bankruptcy, Owes Millions

Teresa Guidice
Photo from bravotv.com
The outrageous shopping sprees and ostentatious home added up, and now Teresa Giudice, of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and her husband Joe have filed for bankruptcy.

According to RadarOnline.com, the couple has more than $11.8 million in debt (gulp!), which includes: "$5.8 million on various business investments made by Joe, $2.6 million in mortgages on three homes, and $12,000 owed to a fertility clinic."


They also owe $104, 000 to credit card companies and $2,300 to the phone company.

I knew they were having financial problems and that their home was in foreclosure last year, but wow that's a lot of debt!

I've always liked Teresa, so I admit I feel a little sorry for her, even if she did live lavishly without the necessary means. Clearly she and her husband haven't been living in reality.

Quick, write a book ... or better yet, record a song. Perhaps something along the lines of: "Money can't buy you things ... if you don't have any!"

Do you feel bad for Teresa Giudice and her money troubles?

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