Samantha Bee's New Book Takes the Sting Out Of Her Kooky Family

Samantha Bee Book Cover
If you've ever seen her on The Daily Show, you already know Samantha Bee is hilarious, clever, and a mom of two married to a cutie-pie who's also on the show. What you don't know is that her family tree is so fractured and fragmented, it looks more like a spiderweb than a tree. In fact, it's kind of amazing that she took the marriage plunge at all!

Now she's written a sort-of-memoir-y collection of essays, I Know I Am, But What Are You? In it, she describes how both sides of her family have a long, strange legacy of divorce, culminating in her own unusual upbringing. She also goes on to describe, with cocktail-party hilarity, a series of misadventures and odd experiences easily as funny as David Sedaris' autobiographical rants.

You've got to love a pregnant mom who's so funny, she cracks Jon Stewart up. Right?


Bee's own family split up when she was a baby -- her parents got pregnant in high school and were a colossally bad match -- so her own childhood was spent bouncing back and forth between a hippie-like free-love mom, a straight-laced dad and nurturing stepmom, and her various grandparents. She takes all her various influences and makes them into funny, funny lemonade.

Check out this radio interview and the TV clip below. Then tell me you can resist the book. I'd call it great summer reading, but it won't last till school lets out, dangit.

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