'Kate Plus 8' Premiere is Sunday! Will You Watch?

kate plus eight
Photo from TLC
Jon and his skanky ladies are out of TLC's new Gosselin show, leaving Kate and the eight children to fend for themselves on Sunday nights at 9/8C.

Check out these scenes in organized chaos and even the biggest Kate-hater will have to admit: those are some adorable kiddlings. Although, honestly there goes my one adult per child in the water rule. How does she do it without constant panic in her heart???


Of course if the child labor laws proposed in Pennsylvania (by Kate's brother and sis-in-law?) are passed, Kate Plus 8 might have a short shelf life. Not that Kate needs to worry, since her other new TLC show, Twist of Kate, will also air later this summer.

While Twist of Kate will not have those cute munchkins running around and giving you a good excuse to watch the train wreck, The Frisky gives us 10 reasons why we should tune into Twist of Kate.

Seeing Kate uncomfortable and doing physical labor might be enough to inspire even the most fervent anti-Kate viewer to tune in. But without the cuteness of Cara, Madelyn, Leah, Aaden, Collin, Alexis, Hannah and Joel -- will you watch?

Can't get enough of Kate? Or boycotting the whole dang thing?

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