Gary Coleman's 911 Call Released: Shannon Price Is Whiny

Gary Coleman 911 call
Photo from Splash News
Gary Coleman's wife*, Shannon Price, does not look good in the 911 call that TMZ has just released. Price, Coleman's wife of almost three years, seems more worried about gagging and being stressed out than helping the former child star.

I do feel for anyone who is in the middle of trauma like this, but Price keeps focusing on the fact that she can't help Coleman because she's been "kinda sick."


Price continually makes excuses as to why she can't help her husband who has a bleeding head wound, saying, "I just can't be here with the blood. I can't do it."

As Price tells Coleman to sit down, on the instruction of the 911 operator, she seems to be scolding a petulant child rather than acting out of concern for her mortally wounded husband.

Again, I hate to judge someone who is in such a frightening situation, but ...

Why didn't Shannon just woman-up and take care of her man?

*UPDATE: Some outlets are calling Price, Coleman's ex-wife. Additionally, that means Shannon Price would not have had the authority to take Coleman off life support. And why was she still living with him?

Stay tuned.

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