Michael Cera Dumps Charlyne Yi, Shatters Good Guy Image (for Me, at Least)

michael cera charlyne yi
Photo from Getty Images
Michael Cera
is so little and cute and cuddly, it's hard for me to think of him ever dumping anyone. Alas, the Superbad and Juno star initiated his recent split with girlfriend Charlyne Yi, allegedly so he could "play the field." *Squirms uncomfortably.*

Michael Cera, I just don't know you anymore!


If you're having issues placing Yi, let us help you out: She plays the stoner girlfriend, Jodi, in Knocked Up, and is also a comedian, actor, musician, painter, and writer.

The couple starred in Paper Heart (Yi's screenwriting debut), the documentary/mockumentary about them falling in love -- except, then, they really did fall in love.

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