Lady Gaga on 'Larry King Live'

Mirroring Larry King's iconic black-and-white suspendered outfit, Lady Gaga gave an exclusive interview to "King Larry" as well as a teaser for her new video "Alejandro" as part of CNN's 30th Anniversary Week.


They touched on every subject imaginable, from how she got her start, performing in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, to how she was supposed to open for Michael Jackson on his comeback tour.

She also clarified the Lupus rumor that has been circulating about her due to several fainting episodes. The disease runs in her family, and she has tested borderline positive. But don't worry little monsters, as of right now, she doesn't have it, just at high risk. Take care of yourself, Gaga!

It's a fantastic interview, especially for fellow lovers of Lady Gaga. The first part of the interview is above, but head over to Popeater for the three other parts.

Did you watch the interview? What did you think of it?


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