7 Funny Language Settings Facebook Should Add

Facebook, pirate language
Photo from Facebook.com
Greetings, buccaneers! If ye lookin' for a hearty laugh, look no further than the pirate talk on ye Facebook.

Yes, if you didn't know that Facebook has a English Pirate language setting, I recommend that you scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the language, and change immediately.

They also have Upside Down English and Leet Speak (using symbols in substitution of letters).

And as fun as these languages are, they've been around for over a year and I'm itching for a new one. Facebook, are you listening? Here are seven suggestions that we think would be awesome as a language option:

  • Caveman: Instead of poking, you can club people. That's way more fun.
  • Pig Latin: It would be a much bigger challenge to maintain your Armvillefay in Pig Latin (any idea what I just said?).
  • Paris Hilton: The "Like" buttons would be translated to "That's Hot." 
  • Shakespeare: Relationship changes would seem so much more powerful in this language.
  • Elmer Fudd: Dis wouwd sewiouswy be fun.
  • Redneck: Dem der status updates are mo' fun ta read in Redneck. 
  • Jersey Shore: Your profile turns into "The Situation" tab. 

Any suggestions? What funny language would you like to see on Facebook?

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