10 Shocking Long-Term Relationship Endings

al and tipper gore divorce
Photo from Splash News
After 40 years of marriage, I'm also stunned at the dissolution of the Gore union. That's a long time to put up with someone else's bad habits and then throw in the towel. I really don't get it. Still, it's not the first time a seemingly solid couple hit the skids.

As the sun goes down on Al and Tipper Gore' s marriage, let's take a look at other long-term relationships that also came to a shocking halt.


Elizabeth & John Edwards

Everything about the Edwards' split after 32 years of marriage and as many anniversary meals at Wendy's was shocking, and disgusting, and horribly sad. But at least we were able to see a clear reason why these two needed to end the charade.

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins

Another politically active couple, while technically not married, created a life and a family together for 23 years. I loved the older woman/younger man dynamic that seemed to work beautifully for these two. They seemed perfect for each other ... until they weren't.

Nicolas & Cecelia Sarkozy

C'est la vie! A French way of life often includes multiple partners. What was shocking was a divorce unfolding after Nicolas Sarokzy was elected France's President and Cecelia as First Lady. They couldn't have waited for a less public time to end their 18-year marriage? Apparently not as they both had a lot of PDA planned for their next partners.

Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz

After 20 years of marriage and one of the most successful television shows in history, this dynamic duo called it quits. Later, Lucille Ball talks about how they remained friends after the split.

Robyn and Mel Gibson

While it was clear to all of us why, by the time Robyn filed for divorce from Mel Gibson after 28 years of marriage, it was still jarring when the (seemingly) family-oriented Gibson  imploded in a drunk, anti-Semitic "sugar tits" mess. Gibson's second split with baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, was ridiculously predictable.

Jon & Kate Gosselin

That these two weren't getting along was obvious to everyone in the known universe -- whether you watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 or not. But the fact that both of them were willing to become a single parent to eight children? Seriously, I still think they could have saved their 10-year marriage with that kind of motivation.

Laurie & Larry David

Again, wanting to divorce Larry David seems like a natural impulse. The fact that the producer of Gore's An Inconvenient Truth waited 14 years to pull the trigger was the bigger surprise.

Mike Myers and Robin Ruzan

I think there should be a prenuptial contract that says if you cash in on my mother, you give me 100 percent of those earnings. Mike Myers' loving yet hilarious imitation of Robin's mom on SNL gave me a false sense of family security with this pair who divorced after 12 years of marriage. Guessing Robin didn't see Shrek 4 this weekend.

Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise

Seemingly the golden couple of Hollywood, Kidman's star began to rise as her 11-year marriage to Cruise began to fail. Having successfully kept their two children out of the spotlight and the Scientology stories out of the press, it was still a fairly quiet break-up for the pair -- even if we were all speculating like crazy.

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan

Ryan was America's sweetheart before Sandra's acne had even cleared up -- but that didn't keep her 10-year marriage to Dennis Quaid intact. Ugly rumors of affairs -- on both sides -- plagued the couple and Ryan never seemed to recover her spot in America's heart again.

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