'Jersey Shore' Cast Member Buying Cocaine in Miami

jersey shore cocaine
Photo from MTV.com
Steroids are a given in the Jersey Shore household, but inside sources are saying that's not the only illicit drug being enjoyed among the GTL crew.

Apparently an unnamed cast member was scoring cocaine during their Miami Beach vacation.

RadarOnline says they know who the cast member is, but are choosing to keep the little drug addict's identity a secret.


I'm going with JWoww. Or The Situation. Definitely not Snooki or Vinny. Maybe Sammi and Ronnie had a night out and wanted to amp up that love rage. DJ Jazzy Pauly D is also a strong possibility and he's already got the twitch. And is Angela back? I wouldn't put anything past that trash bag-hauling guidette.

Really, none of them would surprise me (except maybe Snooki -- she's just not the blow type).

Either way, it's Miami Beach, they're young and their entire show is based on partying. It was only a matter of time before beer bongs got boring and a little extra somethin' was needed to get them banging.

Who do you think is scoring the blow from the Jersey Shore?

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