Miley Cyrus Doesn't Get 'Glee,' 'Shrek' Tops 'Sex and the City 2'-- Celeb News You Missed This Weekend

Miley Cyrus Doesn't Get Glee
Photo from Fox
You know that Dennis Hopper died and Celine Dion is pregnant with twins, but what celeb news did you miss this weekend? We've got the scoop so you'll be in the know by the time you're ready for that water cooler break.


In a weekend box office shocker, Shrek: The Final Chapter topped both new expected-blockbusters Sex and the City 2 and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time on the slowest Memorial Day weekend for movies in more than a decade. SATC2 started off doing brisk business, taking more than $17 million on Thursday and Friday, but then saw ticket sales slow on Saturday and Sunday, sinking it to the number two spot behind Shrek, which held the number one spot. Guess those negative reviews really did make a dent in the ultimate chick flick's weekend prowess. 

Don't call her a Gleek! Despite the fact that her chart-topped "The Climb" was featured on the show, Miley Cyrus doesn't get Glee. Something about not knowing how to suspend disbelief. "Honestly, musicals? I just can't," she says in the June issue of music biz bible Billboard. "What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes? It would get you hits on YouTube." Maybe she's just worried that those cutie pie Glee stars are real triple threats.

Something seem familiar about that odd Les Grossman character you keep seeing in spots for MTV's Movie Awards? You know -- the one cursing out Twilight: Eclipse hottie Rob Pattinson or replacing Taylor Lautner with a not-so-look-alike? That's because it's Tom Cruise. He's reprising his hardly charming Hollywood producer character from Tropic Thunder, a role that earned the Scientologist props for his comedy chops. Tom, Rob, and Taylor are all expected to attend the Awards, which air live on Sunday, June 6 on MTV.

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