Dennis Hopper Dies at 74

Dennis Hopper lost his battle with prostate cancer today and died at the age of 74.

Hopper's vast acting and directing career included such classics as Easy Rider, Blue Velvet and Rebel Without a Cause as well as more recent films like Hoosiers. He also starred in several television series including Crash, 24 and Entourage. In March he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Hopper's onscreen bad-boy ways seemed to cross over into real life where he battled drug and alcohol addictions. In 2005 he described one of his low points that came in the early 1980s to Entertainment Weekly.

"I was doing half a gallon of rum with a fifth of rum on the side, 28 beers and 3 grams of cocaine a day - and that wasn't getting high, that was just to keep going, man. I was a nightmare. I finally just shorted out."

Hopper is yet another tragic example of a talented star who inspired and entertained so many, but couldn't seem to find peace on earth.  May he now find it.

R.I.P., Dennis Hopper.

For which roles will you most remember Dennis Hopper?

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