More 'Sex and the City 2' Scoop From Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon

Sex And The City 2
Photo from Warner Bros.
You checked out our chat with Sarah Jessica Parker. Want more Sex and the City 2 scoop? We caught up with the rest of the crew, too! Here, some choice soundbites from Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis, plus creator-director Michael Patrick King!


Kim Cattrall on Samantha's Latest Issue: "Menopause! And I didn't need to do any research!"

Kim Cattrall on What SATC Means for Women: "The most powerful thing for me is that we've encouraged a lot of women to change the way they feel about being single, having cancer, all the story lines about getting married and then being deserted, being alone, then being lonely -- I think we've addressed them and encouraged them to come together, and I think that's a very powerful thing."

Kristin Davis on Thanksgiving in Morocco: "We were together and we got two Thanksgivings! We worked on the actual day [of Thanksgiving] because in Morocco they obviously don't celebrate Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day itself, our fantastic English caterers made this American Thanksgiving for us. And they thought just the Americans would want to eat it, but then everybody wanted to eat it and we ran out of apple pie and pumpkin pie! And then Cynthia and Sarah's sons came to visit for the weekend so we decided we'd have another Thanksgiving at our hotel! They did a fantastic job and we had snake charmers come for the boys because we were in Morocco."

Kim Cattrall on Their Moroccan Fans: "We really did feel like the Royal Family. I couldn't believe that people actually watch the show. And knew the characters. And didn't know our names in particular but kept calling us by our characters' names. And we would actually turn and say hello!"

Cynthia Nixon on Sex and the City's Gay Fans: "With Sex and the City, right from the beginning, there was a conscious decision made that we would never see these people's parents -- because they were each other's family. Certainly for many gay people and many non-gay people that is the reality now. Maybe you have a family that you love or maybe you have trouble with them, but you come to New York and you create your own family."

Writer-Director Michael Patrick King on Living the Luxe Life During the Recession: "I knew [Sex and the City 2] had to be a different vibe. I sat down to write in what was the beginning of an economic downturn, and we're still in it. Like in the Great Depression, I thought Hollywood should take people on a big vacation that maybe they couldn't afford themselves. I wanted to make it a big, extravagant vacation."

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