Gary Coleman Has Died

gary coleman
Photo from Splash News
Update: TMZ is reporting that Gary Coleman has died of intracranial hemorrhaging. He was 42 years old.

Diff'rent Strokes star Gary Coleman, 42, remains in critical condition after seriously injuring his head in a fall. His wife, Shannon Price, is asking fans to pray for his recovery but is keeping mum on any additional details regarding his condition.


RadarOnline has more of the story -- reporting that Coleman was admitted Wednesday at Utah Valley Regional Center in Provo after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage resulting from the fall. He underwent emergency surgery Friday morning and is currently on life support.

Many of the entertainment blogs point out that Coleman is not the healthiest guy. He has undergone two kidney transplants to help curb the kidney disease nephritis, which he has suffered from since childhood; he had heart surgery (that was complicated by pneumonia) last fall; and suffered two seizures this year.

Best wishes to Coleman for a speedy recovery.


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