Sarah Jessica Parker Spills on 'Sex And The City 2'

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex And The City 2
Photo from Warner Bros.
Can't wait to check out Sex And The City 2 tonight? Neither can we! So we caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker -- during a press conference in the shoe department at the legendary Fifth Avenue icon Bergdorf Goodman, naturally -- to get the inside scoop on men, her friendships with her Sex costars, and taking on the mean streets of Morocco!


Sarah Jessica Parker, who has played New York writer and fashionista Carrie Bradshaw since the original HBO hit's 1998 inception, said working with the girls in Morocco took their already tight friendship to a whole new level.

"We had this chance to live together and to know one another in a way that we never had the opportunity to do so in New York," Sarah explained. "In New York, we'd go home to our friends and our family and our children and our animals. For me [shooting in Morocco] just changed everything. I just came away loving them more than I ever have because I got to see them in a new way -- and I was so reliant upon them!"

She said it's remarkable how well-loved these characters and their friendships remain, especially considering the fact the characters were unlikely allies. "Their DNA is so radically different from one to the next and they have founded incomparable friendship that is really truly inspiring to me and it changes the way that I think about my friendships constantly," Sarah said. "It is the writing, but I look at a lot what's available on television and I see how women treat each other, it's stunning to me. It's arresting and I like that there is someplace that we still like to illustrate that women would much rather be allies than adversaries."

"I just came away loving them more than I ever have because I got to see them in a new way," Sarah continued. "I was so challenged by the work they were doing and how good they were and what thoroughbreds they were and how, you know, nothing could get us down no matter how hungry we were or how much we had to go to the bathroom. [Because] we didn't even have a bathroom!"

The experience of shooting in Morocco was also life-altering. "It was hard -- laborious and Herculean," she said. "But we could not have done it anywhere else, this way. It was one of the greatest experiences of my professional life...To live and work with this cast and that crew every single day to see the sun rise and set over our locations in the most far flung places. To lie in a bed all day with these women exhausted and laughing. To be on a camel with Kim Cattrall, which disobeyed all orders."

Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth in Sex And The City 2
Photo by Warner Bros.

But it wasn't all girl-bonding. Your favorite SATC hunks, like Chris Noth as Mr. Big and John Corbett as rugged sweetheart Aidan, got some serious screen time, too. This time, though, SJP reveals, it's the girls who got a bit naughty. "There is not a villainous move by any man in this movie," Sarah said. "Any consequences are on a part of us and the choices [the women are] making and some momentary reckless behavior... It's all us, and we come home, frankly, a little wiser."

Because, as we know, Carrie has had some commitment-phobe tendencies of her own -- and they just might rear their ugly head here. "There was a wedding and now there has to be a marriage and the two are very different," Sarah said. "Why do we run toward it and why do we push it away and why when we so willingly want to commit to conventions like the institution of marriage? And how do you redefine tradition for ourselves? And how do our friends around us redefine tradition? Do they want to?  And what better place to ask these questions than in the Middle East?"  

So will Sarah share her latest effort with son James Wilke (dad is SJP's husband, Matthew Broderick), who's now seven? She just might. "If I can manage to take him out for popcorn for two certain moments, I think he's ready for it," Sarah said. "I wouldn't say this movie is for seven year olds, but we'll find a way of figuring it out."

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