Kelly Bensimon Tweets, David Spade Is Gross -- Our Celebrity Tweets of the Week

Our celebrity tweets this week include some Lost comments, a wandering bobcat, and one very funny/awful fake account. Read on ...

Can't get enough of the certifiably cuckoo Kelly Bensimon on The Real Housewives of New York? Hit her up on Twitter, where she has the time to reflect before she hits the keys. So far, no Lindsay Lohan-style rants, but keep watching. We're sure to hear something about "satchels of gold."













Gross-out of the week: Pint-sized comic David Spade -- whose sitcom, Rules of Engagement, just got picked up for next season -- has his own totally juvenile solution for the Gulf Coast oil spill. It's disgusting, it's obvious, it's idiotic ... so why did I snicker?!












Speaking of the oil spill, this isn't exactly a celebrity account -- but it's really funny, in a laugh-so-you-don't-cry sort of way. It's a fake account, pretending to be public relations for BP, the company that was in charge of the oil well now dumping 25,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf, and it spits out gems like this:












Anyway, back to the celebs. Holy rarr! She was used to wild things when she was married to Eddie Van Halen, but now that Valerie Bertinelli's living in Arizona, this is what she finds in her backyard. I think it's a bobcat!










Heh heh. Joel McHale, ubercutie from The Soup and Community, is apparently in England and just had a star-sighting. (A pal of his immediately said no, he was mistaken, that must have been Sir Elton John.)












Andy Borowitz is a funny guy who writes for magazines and blogs for the The Huffington Post. And he's weighing in on a certain chick flick making its debut this weekend. What would Carrie say!











Finally, the boys from '90s pop group Hansen weigh in on the Lost finale. To which we say: Who? And also: Ewww!

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