Who Will Win 'American Idol'? And Does It Matter?

Crystal Bowersox win american idol
Photo from AmericanIdol.com
Historically the young girl vote decides who goes home with the American Idol crown, so even though Crystal Bowersox blew us away last night with "Up to the Mountain" and Lee DeWyze's "Beautiful Day" made me wish Bono an even speedier recovery, I'm feeling like Lee will still go home with the title. At least if American pre-teens have anything to say about it.


If DeWyze does take home the record deal, it won't be the first time that the non-threatening straight guy wins while the gay male or lady with more talent comes in second, or in the case of the most successful Idol of all time, seventh.

Some examples of non-winners outshining the title holder:

Clay Aiken, Season 2, Runner-Up -- arguably more visible than the winner, Ruben Studdard, Aiken is also one of the highest-selling American Idol artists.

Jennifer Hudson, Season 3, 7th Place -- Grammy followed by Oscar, Hudson only needs the Emmy and Tony to go full EGOT. Fantasia, who?

Chris Daughtry, Season 5, 4th Place -- another one of the all-time highest-selling Idol contestants. Taylor Hicks, the season's winner, may have been less rough around the edges, but has anyone even seen that guy since the finale?

Sanjaya Malakar, Season 6, 7th Place -- even if you didn't watch Idol, you knew about Sanjaya. Not so much Jordin Sparks.

Adam Lambert, Season 8, Runner-Up -- did Kris make the cover of Rolling Stone and national news? Uh-uh.

Do you think it matters who gets the American Idol title? If so, who deserves it?

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