'The Hills' Recap: Heidi and Spencer Are Missing (Thank God)!

the hills season 6 episode 5
Photo from MTV

Despite its stupid name, The Hills Season 6, Episode 5, "A New Bird" might be my favorite episode so far this season and here's why: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were nowhere to be seen!


Instead, the episode focused on some of the show's more sane(ish) characters:

Kristin and Brody rekindle their flirty, friends-with-benefits relationship but quickly move out of the honeymoon phase when Brody starts dating "the new bird," aka McKaela (who looks surprisingly similar to Stacie the bartender -- did anyone else notice this?). Kristin's hurt by this -- she obviously has feelings for Brody for the 27th time -- and waah-waahs that he's not treating her like a friend. Brody gets mad and pouts ... it's all pretty boring. Is anyone else missing Jade about now? I kid!

Stephanie tells Lo she's ready to date, so Lo sets her up with one of Scott's friends, Max. (Okay, timeout: Who is this so-called Scott character? I piece together that it's Lo's boyfriend but why have we never seen him before? Or have we?) Anyway, the four go out on the world's most uncomfortable first date of all time. Max (for some reason) likes the She-Pratt. She boo-hoos that he's 24 instead of 30 (which, oh boy, apparently is the perfect man-age in The Hills world). Lo tells her to get over herself and date him. I second that notion -- Max is super-cute!

Audrina and Ryan Cabrera are still going strong. I'm sorry, but I don't want to waste any more time on that guy 'cause he's a tool (maybe not in life, but at least in last night's episode).

While the credits are rolling, I realize we haven't seen the Pratts yet! Heidi was obviously too busy tweeting pathetically that she has no friends to be filmed. And Spencer no doubt was cuddling with his crystals. I've got to admit: It was refreshing to focus on more functional couples -- like Audrina and Ryan -- than sit through 23 minutes of the dysfunctional train-wreck that is Heidi and Spencer.

Did you enjoy your Speidi vacation or do you hope we see them next week?


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