Marcia Cross Talks Paparazzi, Silly Songs, and 'Desperate Housewives' Drama

Marcia Cross
Photo from Ketchum
I'm not sure how she finds time for everything, but somehow, gorgeous mommy of 3-year-old twins and one of our favorite Desperate Housewives, Marcia Cross, has teamed up with Mott's and KaBOOM! to help promote healthy and active lifestyles for kids.

Marcia chatted with us about her partnership, dealing with the paparazzi, and how she stays out of the drama that seeps from the set.


Tell us about why it was important for you to partner with KaBOOM!.

I love being partnered with KaBOOM! because they build these mega playgrounds around the United States, which is fantastic because the statistics are staggering: 70 percent of all kids in inner cities don't live in walking distance to a park, and the same goes for 60 percent of kids outside the city, and those are terrible statistics. My daughters, who have a backyard, still would rather be at the park playing. Kids really need that, especially with childhood obesity being such a problem right now -- we need to start them off being active and playing and eating right.

Where do you find the energy to keep up with two 3-year-olds?

I wouldn't hold myself up as the Energizer Bunny. I'm just like every other mom, trying to go from one thing to the next to the next. I would say my energy comes from them because I think they're two of the most enthusiastic, joyful people I've ever met in my life. I don't know if that's them or them just being typical 3-year-olds, but it's like, everything is "Let's go water the flowers!" as if they just discovered a new universe. It's really hard to not meet that enthusiasm with enthusiasm. I just take it from them, and when I can't, I close my eyes for five minutes. But that's rare.

How do you deal with the paparazzi taking photos of you and your family when you're just trying to have a nice afternoon on the playground with your girls?

Actually at the moment, I never look up and ignore it. But I think I'm right on the cusp of having to speak about it to them, it's been on my mind. I don't have that conversation laid out yet, but you know, they have to be spoken to about it.

How do you stay away from all of the drama that seems to seep off the set of Desperate Housewives?

You know, it's really easy. When your whole life is so consuming, there's no time, no inclination toward it. My life is so full, I'm never going toward it, I'm always running away from it.

What are some of your secrets for juggling mommyhood and work?

Just kind of acknowledging that some days the scales are tipped. Some days, you're all mommy, I'm either not at work or I can't get the things done for work that I need to. And some days, I'm completely at work. I work a day or two and then balance it out with equal amounts of time with my kids. It's more of a week-long project as opposed to every single day being perfectly balanced.

Lots of moms love the Mott's products because their kids seem to like them and they're healthy. Are they a favorite in your household?

Yes, they love them! And it's so easy because one of them is a really picky eater, so I have to be smarter than she is, which already isn't that easy.

What are some ways that you sneak healthy food into their meals?

I like to use smoothies as a snack. That's a great way to sneak fruits and vegetables in. I put berries in their pancakes, anything that I can think of. Jessica Seinfeld has a great book about that, and I use recipes from that a lot.

What are some funny, cute games that are special to the three of you?

We have so many little inside jokes!  We make up songs a lot because, when they were little, I'd sing songs and make up the words, and now they'll sing songs and make up the words and make up rhymes. They tease me because there's this song at their school that drives me crazy, so of course they'll start singing it. They have an incredible sense of humor, which I love.

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