'LOST': Who Else Should Come Back?

LOST characters
Flickr photo by Jimmy MacDonald
It's coming! The final, epic episode of LOST where all of our questions will be answered (please?) and we'll finally learn the fate of the Losties and the leftover Others.

Even though I hadn't thought about it, when Ana Lucia and Rousseau made fun appearances in the sideways world on the second-to-last episode of LOST, it just felt right. Like the last blast before everyone graduates and goes their separate ways. Which got me thinking, who else do I need to see again before the island is a distant memory?


Walt --Seriously, if Walt doesn't come back in some fashion the entire first season makes no sense. I realize the actor has aged, but the writers have gotten over more serious hurdles than age progression. You know Walt is crucial to this story, so what gives? Bring back Walt!!!!

(Of course with Walt, we would probably see Michael. For some reason, just not as excited about him but I've always loved watching Harold Perrineau work, so if he were to return I know it would be satisfying.)

Mr. Eko -- From the moment Eko came on screen I was almost as captivated with his inner life as I was with Locke's. One of the most disappointing deaths, ever, because I was sure his character held a key to the fate vs. coincidence question, even though I heard his time on the island was to be brief.

Juliet -- Is she Jack's ex-wife? I certainly hope so, and can't wait to find out on Sunday. Even when it seemed Juliet was working with Ben and against our Losties, I just knew she was good. I miss that peaceful, yet hopeless look in her eyes.

Rose & Bernard -- The greatest love story of all, they got me even more than Sun and Jin. I know we've seen them both in the flash sideways in integral Locke plot points, but I just want to know Rose and Bernard are okay.

Penny -- Speaking of great love stories, I do hope Penny and Desmond finally come together and live a peaceful existence. Somehow though, I doubt it.

Charlie -- Charlie wasn't my favorite character (what a whiny little addict!) but as a guide for Desmond and Hurley, arguably two of the most important characters, surely he's got something else to add other than some more bad pop songs at a concert.

Daniel Faraday -- I just love Jeremy Davies and could watch him in anything. Don't think it's integral to the plot as his role has already played out; but would love to study his furrowed brow one last time.

And these are the characters I never need to see again:

Boone and Shannon -- Did not love them from the beginning and never saw their usefulness. Plus, incest. Yuck.

Charlotte -- Maybe I'm just a jealous harpie since she's the object of Daniel's affection, but I never got much from the red-headed nose bleed.

Vincent -- He's just a dog, people. Just a dog.

Nikki and Paulo -- the spider bit couple who wasted about half an episode that could have been spent advancing the plot.


Who do you hope pops up on Sunday's final LOST?

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