Kim Kardashian's Not in Monaco, Tyra Banks Is Addicted -- Celebrity Tweets of the Week

Before we get started, I just want it on record that I am not the most obsessed follower of celebrity tweets. That would be Odessa Begay, the guy responsible for Illustrated Tweets. Basically, he picks the most evocative celeb brain-fart of the week and makes it into a pretty picture. And he is ... hilarious.

And so are celebs who say too much on Twitter! This week's gems:

My pet peeve is celebs who only tweet things like "I'm going to be on Leno tonight" and "Behold my new clothing line," and usually Miss Kim Kardashian falls into that category. But I was charmed when she struck back at a tabloid for saying she was in Monaco with a new amour. It really must be seriously strange to walk past a newsstand and see a story about yourself, especially when it's pure fantasy!













Tyra Banks has a problem. A problem ... with candles. I admire her so much for stepping forward to admit she's out of control; that is, after all, the first step. Brave, brave supermodel and talk show host.













Comedian Paul Scheer got to go to a screening of the Star Trek movies, and had this spectacular moment. I think my head would explode like the Death Star!














OMG, remember these candy rings? Punky Brewster's Soleil Moon Frye does -- and seeing one on her daughter's mitt is sending her on a sentimental journey!











And finally, I'm a sucker for the Sesame Street tweets. Here's a link to my all-time favorite book, about my all-time favorite Grover, on their new e-books site:


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