Jason Alexander Drops 30 Pounds With Jenny Craig

Funny man Jason Alexander recently got serious about weight loss and dropped 30 pounds in 18 weeks with Jenny Craig.

The former Seinfeld star is the company's new spokesperson, appearing in this hilarious (and slightly cringe-inducing) video.


"Take a look, drink it in. I was fat, now I'm thin!" -- a catchy weight-loss mantra if ever there was one.

I love when men show evidence of needing help with weight loss. Too often, it's women starving and slaving away on the treadmill to lose a few ounces while the men just decide to skip their second dessert once in awhile and shed major poundage. It's not fair and also not true for all men. So I'm glad to see Alexander (whose starting weight was 198) on the bandwagon for Jenny Craig.

Plus, it's nice to see him pimping things other than potato chips and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

On his blog, he says he'd still like to lose another 10 pounds, but has some reservations.

"Pushing to yet an even deeper goal is very scary. It feels like I might just be asking too much from the weight loss gods," Alexander writes. "They have smiled on me so far, but I feel like if I ask too much they might become angry. They might attack me with puddings and pizzas and the dreaded fighting duo -- Ben and Jerry."

Maybe his humorous approach to weight loss will help some people who have found it too intimidating previously. Hopefully, his light humor will help them lighten up.

What do you think of Jason Alexander as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig?

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