The 'Lost' Glass Ceiling

If you haven't yet seen last night's episode of Lost, you can watch below or check out Kim's Lost recap of the episode that explains "what they died for." It's okay, I'll wait.



Now, let's talk about the whole Jacob campfire thing. Before Jacob started to explain why everyone had to die, I was struck by the one lady to three dude composition of the remaining candidates. (I also felt like it had to be Jack who came forward to protect the island since my ideal ending to the whole shebang involves Locke and Jack sitting on the beach playing chess.)

But what I didn't love was Jacob's answer when Kate asked why her name had been scratched off the candidate list. Jacob looked at Kate with something between condescension and love and said it was because Kate became a mother. Apparently you can't get off the mommy track even if you're stranded on a deserted island that may or may not be heaven or hell that isn't visible by any traditional radar systems. When's a lady going to get a break?

Unless we're counting Jack's alternate reality son, Kate is the only parent in the final four. However, Jack was also raising Aaron for a time, so why didn't he get the chalk mark through his name? I guess we also know that Kwon was for Jin, not Sun, since she became a mother. But Jin's a father, isn't that as important?

Finally, it was Jacob's mother who was the original protector of the island. Hello? She may have killed Jacob and MIB's birth mother, but she raised them just as Kate was raising Aaron. Either Jacob really hates the lady who raised him (don't think that was implied) or he's one of those bosses who thinks he's helping his female employee when in fact he's blatantly discriminating. (In Jacob's kind of defense, he did say it was up to Kate, and if she wanted the job, it was hers. So don't scratch her name off then!!!)

I love Lost, and this doesn't change the fact that it was an amazing episode; it explained soooo much and gives me great hope for a satisfying ending to the series. But as a working mom, that line totally hit me in my lady parts.

Do you think Kate should've been taken off the list for being a mom?

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