6 Ways to Improve 'American Idol'

Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson on American Idol
Photo from AmericanIdol.com
As Simon Cowell's last season of American Idol comes to a close, producers are racking their brains at how they can make the next season worth watching.

An Idol insider told Popeater, "Everything is on the table. Nothing and no one is safe from change. There have been discussions about moving the show to New York, documenting the contestants living and fighting together in one big house, and also eliminating the judges altogether. The only one who is safe is Ryan Seacrest."

Dear Idol producers, here are my six suggestions:

  • Less mentors. It's boring.
  • Lee DeWyze had it right when he included the random bagpipe guy in his "Hey Jude" performance earlier in the season. There should be more of that. 
  • Have a "Don't Sing" list. I swear, if I hear "Superstition" one more time ...
  • No age maximum. Give us old people a chance to live out our dreams. And you can't say it wouldn't be mildly entertaining to see a 63-year-old performing some Pussycat Dolls songs.
  • Have a barking sound every time Randy says "dawg."
  • Get Donald Trump to replace Simon Cowell. He may not have a music background, but seeing contestants tear up after a good "You're FIRED" would make for excellent TV.

What are some ways you would improve American Idol?

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