Openbook: A New Website Exposing Facebook website
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Thanks to all of the privacy (or lack thereof) news surrounding Facebook lately, a new website called Openbook has been launched to prove just how public our information actually is.


The site launched last Wednesday and has since loaded thousands of status updates, unbeknownst to the authors. According to the parody website, Facebook is at fault for two things:

First, they don't do a good job of indicating how public each piece of information you share on the site will be.

Second, they change the rules too often. If you understood Facebook's privacy settings two years ago (or even six months ago), that information would be worse than useless with today's settings. 

The goal of creators Will Moffat, James Home, and Peter Burns is to get Facebook to restore the privacy of members' information. Until then, we can see who recently has lost their virginity (congrats to Musa John and Gareth Huw Phillips on their recent accomplishment, by the way), who's playing hooky, and who hates their boss. 

Not good, not good.

What do you think about Facebook's privacy settings? Do you think this website will get them to change?

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