Rima Fakih Pole-Dancing Video Released … Does Anyone Really Care?

Rima Fakih pole dancing
Photo from mojo.channel955.com
The day after Rima Fakih won the Miss USA crown, a video and pictures of her pole dancing surfaced.

Of course they did.

The story is all too familiar. Young girl wins crown, incriminating pictures and videos surface. Shock and outrage ensue.

This time, the video and pictures came from a women-only Stripper 101 contest, which Fakih participated in (and won) for radio program Mojo in the Morning. While it's a sexy, suggestive dance for sure, she doesn't remove any clothes. In fact, it's much less racy than the pageant's official photographs.


Her prizes consisted of "jewelry, gift cards, adult toys, and a stripper pole for home use."

So, who cares? I mean, we've seen videos of everyone from Miley Cyrus to Martha Stewart taking to a stripper's pole. There's even talk that pole dancing could become an Olympic sport.

Whether the yawn-inducing nature of all this self-exploiting sexual behavior is frightening or healthy or harmful to women and society are other questions.

I do wonder, however, if Vanessa Williams isn't wanting her crown back these days; after all, she lost it for just a few measly nude photographs.

Does Rima Fakih's pole-dancing past bother you?

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