Bret Michaels Burnout?

bret michaels
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I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm glad that Bret Michaels is feeling better.

I'm not the most die-hard Bret Michaels fan. I sort of remember the band Poison, but it was really Bret's reality show Rock of Love that introduced me to the rocker.

If you watched Bret on Rock of Love, you know he was always in danger of a having broken heart -- figuratively. But now that I've seen his upcoming schedule, I'm starting to worry that his heart (and the rest of his body) are in real jeopardy!


Bret Michaels announced last week that he'll make his concert return on May 28 in Biloxi, Mississippi.

But before that, we'll get to see him speak on Wednesday's Oprah show. After that he's scheduled to appear at the Celebrity Apprentice finale.

Just in case you still need more Bret, he’s letting the cameras into his home as he begins his road to recovery for a new VH1 show AND he's releasing a new album on June 8.

Wow. Doesn't that sound like a lot to take on for a man who was just gravely ill?

While he certainly didn't ask for it, I can understand the desire to ride this wave of publicity he's found himself on. Still, I don't know that I really want to know every intimate detail of Bret's brain hemorrhage or exactly what is or isn't underneath his trademark bandanna. It's starting to feel like just a little bit too much Bret. Bret oversaturation, if you will.

Will you keep watching Bret or have you seen enough?

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