"Desperate Housewives" Season Finale: He's Back!

In case you missed last night's Desperate Housewives season end-er, you might want to get some Dramamine because the amount of character returns and exits will give you the spins.


Paul Young will be Susan's renter as she has to take her family and move behind a gas station. So you know Susan and Co. will be back after Paul causes some trouble and leaves in a more dramatic manner next season. I really should write for this show.

Anyone else having a hard time calling him Paul rather than Duck?

But before Susan finished selling her last yard-sale item, there was a lot more drama to be had on Wisteria Lane.


Eddie, the serial killer, held Lynette hostage then helped deliver Lynette's baby as hapless Tom nursed his hangover. Most unrealistic birth scene yet? Maybe. Also of note, 1) a serial killer was grossed out by childbirth, 2) Lynette's home birth allowed her to be up and walking the next day chatting with the ladies as they bid farewell to Susan.

Angie was forced by Patrick to build a bomb as Gabby busted Nick out of the hospital to save Angie and her son. Of course you don't mess with Drea de Matteo, and it was a beautiful double-cross where Patrick found himself on the business end of said bomb. Another exit.

Orson left Bree as she gave in to a blackmailing Sam in order to keep her son out of prison. The hypocrisy was too much for Orson to take (and I'm sincerely hoping Kyle MacLachlan returns to David Lynch movies as a result).

Nurse Teresa Pruitt, who helped deliver most of the Wisteria Lane babies, passed away after confessing a horrible baby secret to the priest and hospital staff. Yep, one of those babies isn't really Lynette/Susan/Gabby/Bree's own. Cliffhanger!

The Tally:

Departures -- Susan, MJ, Mike, Patrick, Nick, Angie, Danny, Eddie, Orson, Nurse

Arrivals -- new baby girl, Paul Young

Bigger shocker of last night: Paul's arrival or baby mix-up?

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