Sandra and Louis' Photo Shoot: Jesse James Was There Too

Sandra Bullock Oscar
Photo from Splash News
Part of celebrating Sandra Bullock's announcement about baby Louis was relishing how happy she looked on the cover of People magazine. Were you also shouting, "Go, girl!" when you saw the baby love in her eyes?

Now TMZ is reporting the photo shoot took place two days before Sandra's world came crashing down, and two days after her Oscar win when Jesse James was still a key part of the happy family.


What bugs me the most about this revelation is it emphasizes how much Sandra lost when Jesse James acted like a total jackass. You can't fake that new baby exhilaration, and having an amazing and loving partner makes the experience so much sweeter. Jerk.

I don't want to see pictures of Sandra Bullock crying in her bathrobe with unwashed hair after Jesse James disappointed her beyond belief, but I was (like most of you, I'm guessing) hoping that her love for baby Louis was so great that it was hastening the healing of those gaping wounds left by that scumbag.

Are you upset to find out these are "before" pictures?

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