Ciao Baby: App of the Week

ciao baby iphone app
iTunes; $1.99
We weren't disciplined enough, or thick-skinned enough, to commit to controlled crying, or crying it out, with my son. So yeah, we had a baby that didn't sleep through the night until he was over a year old.

Perhaps if we'd had someone to remind us how long is too long, or how much longer we had to endure his superhuman screams, we could've made it work.

Little Blue Monkey's Ciao Baby App for your iPhone does just that.


You program in your child's name and age (they also have a warning to not try this method on children under the age of 4 months) and the app sets a timer so you know when it's time to settle the baby. That is, if the little whipper-snapper is still crying.

Ciao Baby automatically adjusts to the next settle time without you having to reprogram. Which comes in handy when you're sleep-deprived, can't for the life of you remember what the book said, and don't want to get up and go get the book -- you just want to lay down for five minutes (or 15, or 30 -- or however long the damn book says you should wait!).

Naturally it helps to read up on controlled crying methods before you download this app, but if you're suffering through a bad sleeper and want to give modified crying it out a try, this little helper could be instrumental in keeping you on schedule -- and successful.

Ciao Baby ($1.99) -- iTunes


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