Heidi Montag Being Jailed by Spencer Pratt? Speidi's Parents Speak Out

Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt
Photo by David Becker/Getty
In more Heidi Montag Pratt drama, friends of the reality stars are reporting some shocking developments in the couple's home.

It's obvious Spencer has all of his screws loose as seen in the most recent episodes of The Hills, but friends say he's gone overboard, even creating a jail environment in the couple's LA home, which Heidi was only allowed to leave three times during the month of April.

Additionally, the windows are blacked out and Spencer has hired a friend, a former Marine, to stand guard. Reportedly, Heidi just sits and stares at herself in the mirror while Spencer is online all day reading and generating press about himself and his wife.

Well, it's working.

What happened to this guy to make him so batshit crazy?


Perhaps Spencer's parents could answer that question, but it seems they're distancing themselves as well; even going so far as to remove any photos of Spencer from their home, according to Us Weekly. That seems harsh. Which makes me wonder what else they did to help create a sociopath like Pratt.

In more parenting news, Heidi's father weighed in on yesterday's drama as Heidi called the cops on her own mother for daring to knock on her daughter's front door. Heidi's dad says he's as confused by her behavior as the rest of us are, and that she hasn't spoken to him either.

Sounds isolating for Heidi and completely unhealthy. As if the surgeries, crystals, and attacking anyone who dares to say a word to either Spencer or Heidi haven't already shown us that there's something very wrong in the Montag-Pratt household. Let's hope Heidi doesn't cut anything else off or plump anything else up until she sees a shrink.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring...


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