10 Reasons "Law & Order" Should Not Be Cancelled

Law & Order cancelled?!? Say it ain't so, NBC!

I know Kim has a different take, but I've been a Law & Order devotee since my move to New York City many years ago, and now that I've left, it's apparently saying goodbye as well. (This is where my husband likes to point out I can still see it every night on TNT.)

But it won't be the same, rehashing the old stories ripped from headlines of yore, even though I love getting a glimpse of Chris Noth pre-Big.


I have to admit I have a personal reason for not wanting the show to end. I used to be an actor and I just knew the female prosecutor role would be mine some day. Sadly, that day will never come.

Aside from my personal ambition, there are many other reasons Law & Order needs to stay on the air.

Here are ten, and you can tell me why you think it should stay in the comments:

1. We won't get to see what it would be like if justice actually prevailed when the next politician murders his mistress.

2. Actors won't have anywhere else to go (shut up, CSIs) to perfect their dead body poses.

3. No more guessing if the newest lady prosecutor will succumb to Jack McCoy's double entendres and sexy eyebrow arches.

4. All of the New York actors of a certain age will have to move to LA, and nobody wants that.

5. Damages will be the only show left where New Yorkers can play "Is that my bodega?"

6. A whole new generation won't know what you're talking about when you say, "What Would Lenny Do?"

7. No more gritty New York dramas where Oscar winners can slum it (although the Julia Roberts story line was a little weak).

8. Who's going to explain to us that in the criminal justice system, people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: The police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders?

9. Jeremy Sisto will no longer be a New Yorker, thus decreasing your "Crazy Billy" sightings.

10. Even if you promise to never forget, eventually "chu-chung" will fade from your memory. And that's the real tragedy here.

What will you miss about Law & Order?


*Although I did have an extra stint as a bank secretary in a series finale many years ago where I got to watch Sam Waterston (my favorite L&O character of all time!) maintain his composure while grilling a bank president about laundered money. I'll always have that.

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