Lo Bosworth's Dating Book: We Hope She Included These Tips From "The Hills"

The Hills
Photo from MTV.com
Lo Bosworth, who's a star on MTV's The Hills yet doesn't ever really play a big role, has written a book on dating.

Of course she did. How can you not after witnessing those train wrecks of relationships amongst the cast?

Titled The Lo-Down (how clever), the book will discuss her "trials and tribulations" in the dating world.

And, I can only imagine, tons of what-not-to-dos inspired by her BFFs. We're betting these points will at least be touched upon:

  1. You shouldn't try to trick your partner into having a baby. Last season, Heidi was feeling the uterus tugs while Spencer was *this* close to getting a vasectomy. Her solution? "What if I just stop taking my birth control pills, and then when I get pregnant, he'll get excited?" Oh, boy.
  2. Just agree with everything your BFF is saying about her love life crisis without giving actual advice. Hey, it worked for Lo. 
  3. If your man is filling his house with crystals, there may be something a little off about him. 
  4. If your boyfriend doesn't claim that he's your boyfriend after several years of dating, he's probably not your boyfriend. 
  5. There's always a man-stealing ho in the group. Watch out, ladies. 
  6. If your friends don't like him, and your sister doesn't like him, and his sister doesn't like him, then you probably shouldn't date (or marry) him. 
  7. If your man calls your mom a vagina, that's bad.

What are some relationship "lessons" that you've learned from The Hills?

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