Lady Gaga Calls Greyson Michael Chance, Tells Him to Stay Away From Girls

Greyson Michael Chance, Lady Gaga
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Greyson Michael Chance
, who seems to be following in Justin Bieber's footsteps (and hair-styling steps), got a call yesterday from the woman whose song has made him famous -- Lady Gaga herself.

Ellen arranged for the call to come while Chance, a sixth-grader from Oklahoma, was taping an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs today.


He's so cute and excited when she comes on the line, and polite too.

"Hi Miss Gaga," he manages.

"Greyson you're so sweet and so talented and I was so excited that you covered ‘Paparazzi,'" Lady Gaga told him. "Everyone loves you so much, so just keep following your dreams and work really hard and stay away from girls and be focused."

Somehow, I think that's going to be a challenge.

What do you think of Greyson Michael Chance?

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