Krista White Is America's Next Top Model

krista white america's top model
Photo from The CW
A jumpingly happy Krista White took home this cycle's honor as Tyra Banks named the lucky skinny lady America's Next Top Model for 2010.

The 25-year-old from Arkansas was blown away as it sunk in that she'd be the proud receiver of a contract with Cover Girl and a cover model for Seventeen.

Krista was sweet, right? It's nice to see a model lose the fierce face and revel.


It seemed Raina was going to go home with the crown, but Krista narrowly took the title away in the last episode of the season.

You know what Raina? Like Idol runner-ups, I'm thinking you got enough exposure here that you're going to be a-okay, model-wise.

Did you watch? Do you think Krista deserves to be America's Next Top Model?

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